Cameo is an ongoing series featuring Canadian jewellery artists. here, they share their latest thoughts and insights, and give us a peek into their practice. 




emma piirtoniemi


Toronto, Ontario

Emma portrait photo.jpg

Describe your current work/practice in one sentence.

I carve wearable contemplative objects in acrylic, intended to draw the eye and hand ever closer.

What are three things/ideas that inspire you?

Food culture/gastronomy
Engaging conversation

What other things do you do besides your jewellery practice?

I’m a new contributor to MetalAid (check out my article on Co–Adorn)! I’m also a musician, I work part-time, and I’m discovering Toronto, a city that I’ve never lived in before.

What is a favourite piece that you’ve made and why?

'Vessel Pendant'. It was a pivotal piece that opened up new channels of working with acrylic. It encompassed a fluidity of form and lightness that presented the potential of the material to me in a clear way.

Vessel Pendant (2016)
Acrylic, sterling silver, guitar string

Lush Fruit Pendant (2016)
Acrylic, sterling silver, leather

What word pops into your mind when you think of Canadian art jewellery?


What is coming up next for you?

A new series of pieces inspired by food forms and the culinary arts.

Published: 2017/11/16