Cameo is an ongoing series featuring Canadian jewellery artists. here, they share their latest thoughts and insights, and give us a peek into their practice. 


shelbey dodds


Toronto, Ontario


Describe your current work/practice in one sentence.

My work concentrates on the structure of my observed surroundings as well as how the term relates to the way individuals form character and identity.

What are three things/ideas that currently inspire you?





What other things do you do besides your jewellery practice?

Run, cycle, eat, dress up, have coffee with friends, sleep, listen to music, listen to podcasts, write letters, write proposals, write grants, serve food & drinks at a restaurant downtown, visit family in my tiny home town, and help contribute to MetalAid.

What is a favourite piece that you’ve made and why?

There is a brooch titled 'PVC Pipe Dreams'. What I love about this little brooch is that as I was nearing the end of a larger project, I was maneuvering the various components around and the idea just sort of forced itself into fruition.  I worked on it slowly, and was unsure of it at moments, but once it was together and the fabrication was complete I got really excited about it and was really proud of myself for having listened and followed through with this idea that I second-guessed.  It was a friendly reminder to be confident in the work that I make and to be curious about my own ideas and see them through.

PVC Pipe Dreams brooch (2017)
Powdercoated brass and steel

Calles Verde neckpiece (2017)
Powdercoated brass, sterling silver, nylon cord, magnets

What word pops into your mind when you think of Canadian art jewellery?


What is coming up next for you?

I would like to develop some of the collections that I have been working on over the past year.  I have a few ideas for new work that are independent from these collections that have piqued my interest and would like to see how that unfolds.  Having just begun my residency at the Harbourfront Centre, it is important for me to feel comfortable and confident in a new city and a new studio.  It’s great to be here and I am happy to know that there are resources around me that are going to help me to do just that.

Published: 2017/10/18