Class Character

Class Character is a platform for faculty of Canadian Jewellery programs to share the victories of their graduating students and open the doors of their respective departments to the MetalAid community. This is an ongoing, annual project.  If you would like to see your school featured in future editions of Class Character, please contact us for submission guidelines and details.

Compiled by: The MetalAid Team
Published: 2019/07/12


Samantha Tran
Phoenix Coronet (2019)
Fine silver, Swarovski crystal
Image by Kevin Yue

OCAD University’s Jewellery program provides students with the tools and strategies to develop critical skills needed to take agency and direct their own career path within jewellery and beyond. Focusing on an independent, self-directed project in their thesis year, students create jewellery and sculptural forms with materials of their choice, embracing new and traditional methods of making. With no preference between art or design, we provide students the tools to be successful in their chosen careers.

The impeccably executed work of Samantha Tam’s bridal collection, Zhu Fu, is a great example of a student’s independent development. Her concept focuses on combining traditional Chinese inlay filigree with modern bridal wear. Samantha’s work explores cultural influences while offering a Chinese blessing for the contemporary wedding.

One theme of the 2019 cohort was an exploration of kinetic designs. Skye Stutt investigated society’s insect-based fears and phobias in her body of work, Metamorphosis. Many of Skye’s pieces are kinetic, based on insect motions, like her Pill Bug pendant’s ability to curl into a ball, representing the fear of unpredictable movement. 

Skye Stutt
Pill Bug (2019)
Sterling silver
Image by the artist

June Guan
Hell of Fire (2019)
Sterling silver, silk embroidery
Image by Robert K E Mitchell

Another theme this year was the use of textiles in jewellery, both literally and figuratively, using different materials to imitate or represent fabric. June Guan’s work, Hells and Trials explored cultural identity through the visualization of Chinese morals and retributions. June’s collection incorporated surface treatments, CAD/CAM, and the integration of Chinese embroidery. Her bracelet, Hell of Fire demonstrates the seamless combination of digitally modelled figures, traditional metal techniques, and embroidery.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019. 

Annie Tung, BDes, MAS Luxe, Lecturer, and Robert K E Mitchell, Mdes Lecturer/Assistant Professor
Material Art & Design (MAAD) Faculty of Design, OCAD University